CERN Summer Student Program in Switzerland 2022

The CERN Summer Student Program in Switzerland offers a unique opportunity to experience CERN’s culture and get hands-on laboratory work. The CERN Summer Student Program, CSP, is open to all undergraduate students (including recent graduates) of any nationality who are interested in working with particle physics experiments at CERN.

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research located near Geneva on the French-Swiss border. Established in 1954, it has become one of the leading centers for scientific research into fundamental questions about matter and energy which lie at the heart of modern science: What are we? Why do we exist? How did we get here?

Details About CERN Summer Student Program:

What are you waiting for? Get your application in now! The CERN summer student program is accepting applications from students around the world. This prestigious three-month internship provides invaluable experience at one of Europe’s premier research institutions, giving brilliant young minds an opportunity to explore their passions while working closely with international professionals who share similar interests and career goals

It doesn’t matter whether or not any other qualifications exist – applicants must only have completed junior high school when applying because this organization values diversity too much to allow anyone less educated than themselves take part in CERN Summer Student Program.

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Orga Cnization: CERN
  • Eligible Countries: All Nationalities
  • Duration: 3 Months
  • Deadline31st January 2022

Financial Coverage

The CERN Summer Student Program Switzerland is a fully funded exchange program to Geneva, and all expenses will be covered. This includes 8-13 weeks of tuition for the duration of your stay with us! A 90 CHF/day allowance that covers accommodation costs as well as meals; this means you get free room & board while studying here in our school city full time (room prices range from around 30CHF – 200CH EFTA)! There’s also an airfare ticket travel assistance plan if needed–just let me know what type or how many tickets are required before checkout). You’ll have access healthcare coverage through Swiss Public Healthcare Service when necessary too so no worries there either! CERN offers up to 200 CHF/month for pocket money.

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After you have submitted your application, CERN will contact you with the full details of its offer depending on their quotas and budget availability at that time. Cern Summer Program Switzerland is a paid internship program! You are required to submit an acceptance letter from your school or university.


CERN is a European Organization that provides summer internships and student exchange opportunities for 8 to 13 weeks. This year, they’re looking for applicants from all across Europe! If you’re currently studying or just about to start your degree and would like practical training in Geneva – apply now with us at Cern Summer Student Programme.

Summer Student Program Fields

The summer is a great time for learning! You’ll get to explore your interests and find new ways that they intersect with the world. This program offers you 8-13 weeks of on-the job training, which means there’s plenty of opportunity here at Summer Student Program Fields – all while earning some spending cash in between sessions too if needed. And don’t forget about our expert lectures from experts around globe: an international mix sure has its perks (not only do we learn fascinating things but also make amazing connections)!

  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • IT

Eligibility Criteria

The CERN Summer Student Programme is an opportunity for bachelor, master’s degree-holders in fields such as physics or mathematics to gain experience working at the world’s most prestigious laboratory.

Candidates are required meet eligibility criteria and have completed three years of full time studies at university level but do not need IELTS/TOEFL test results if they can speak English fluently (or other languages). All nationalities are welcome!

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