Fully funded Scholarships in Norway for international students 2022

Fully funded Scholarships in Norway for international students 2022. Any student from any country can apply for these scholarships at any Norwegian university. Fulbright scholarships, Strom Thurmond scholarships, and Erna Solberg scholarships are the most popular scholarships for international students in Norway. Scholarships from other countries can also be applied for by Norwegian students attending university.

Fully funded Scholarships in Norway for international students 2022

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These are the three best fully funded scholarships available in Norway to international students

Fulbright scholarship Program

Students can study for one year at a different university through the Fulbright Program, which is an academic exchange program. Over 12,000 Fulbright scholarships have been awarded since the Fulbright Program was established by Congress in 1946. Program participants are given the chance to gain experience abroad while promoting understanding between cultures.

Fulbright Scholarships have provided educational opportunities for foreign students for over 60 years.


By offering scholarships to talented students from all over the world, the Fulbright Scholarship Program promotes international understanding and cooperation.


The Fulbright Scholarship is only open to citizens and permanent residents of foreign countries who are enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university and have a GPA of at least 3.0.

Application Process:

Fulbright Scholarships are extremely competitive, and only a small percentage of applicants are successful.


The duration of the Fulbright Scholarship varies depending on the program, but most scholarships last

Strom Thurmond scholarship

Strom Thurmond Scholarships were established to honor the late Republican senator. An undergraduate black student who demonstrates academic excellence and demonstrates a strong interest in politics will receive a $5,000 scholarship. Since 2003, the scholarship has been administered by the University of South Carolina.

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African Americans whose contributions to their respective fields have achieved excellence receive the Thurmond scholarship, a posthumous award.

The following criteria must be met:

Strom Thurmond Scholarships are awarded to African American students who excel in their fields of study.

Selected recipients:

Since 1988, the Strom Thurmond Scholarship has been awarded to over 60 African American students.

The Strom Thurmond Scholarship is an important award that recognizes the achievements of African American students who have excelled in their fields.

Erna Solberg Scholarship

Norwegian women who are seeking a political career can apply for the Erna Solberg Scholarship, which provides financial assistance. The scholarship is worth $10,000 and is awarded every two years. Participants must also be enrolled in a program of study that will help them gain government or public service experience.

History of the Erna Solberg Scholarship: How has it evolved over time?

Erna Solberg established the Erna Solberg Scholarship in 1984. Those with a strong interest in international relations and a commitment to public service are eligible for the program. Since the scholarship’s inception, it has provided financial assistance to talented students from around the world who want to study at Norwegian universities. Young people can develop their skills in diplomacy and international relations through the Erna Solberg Scholarship, as well as learn about Norway’s role in the world.

Criteria for eligibility

Medicaid eligibility varies by state, but typically includes living in poverty, being disabled, having a child under 18 years old, or having a disabled relative. In some states, pregnant women or children under the age of 18 must also qualify. Assets and income are also factors in determining eligibility.

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Benefits of receiving the Erna Solberg Scholarship

Erna Solberg Scholarships provide financial assistance to Norwegian students who plan to attend college or university. Developed in honor of Norway’s former prime minister, Erna Solberg, this scholarship provides students with the chance to gain valuable government experience while in school. Moreover, recipients of this scholarship have access to excellent resources and opportunities while studying.


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