Government Data Entry Jobs in Lahore 2022

Due to increasing digitization of government operations, government data entry jobs in Lahore are in high demand. Data entry jobs will increase as the government adopts new technology to streamline its operations. Furthermore, many government offices are moving, which means that staffers will be needed to help with the transition. For those who want to become government data entry professionals, there are several online platforms that offer training and certification.

The job title is Government Data Entry Jobs in Lahore 2022

Job Description:

Data will be entered into a computer system by the job holder. Data must be entered into databases, information will be entered into forms, and the information will be routed to the appropriate person or department.


• Entering government data into a computer system.

• Entering data into databases.

• Entering information into forms.

• Routing data to the correct person or department.


• Good typing skills.

• Experience with computers and databases.

• Ability to work independently.

Learning quickly is an asset. Education High School Diploma Experience A minimum of 1-3 years of regular and reliable experience in a similar position is required. Pay and Benefits NIL Contact Information

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