The HEC US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor is a long-term initiative that aims to bring together education leaders from HEC Pakistan and HEC University of Pennsylvania as well as their respective institutions for collaborative research, knowledge exchange, capacity building and innovation. HEC US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor has been fully funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) with an annual budget of Rs. 1 million PKR per year for five years.


The US-Pak Knowledge Corridor is a strategic initiative that will send 1,000 Pakistani scholars to the leading universities in America. In its initial phase HEC has set out plans for 1500 Ph.D students and faculty development programs have been underway since 2015 with many more coming up this year as well! This project could be considered groundbreaking because it’s creating opportunities for people from other countries without giving them anything but knowledge themselves – truly an exchange of equals between two cultures who want nothing more than progress brought by education and skillset development . With all these exchanges happening every day , one wonders what might happen if we put our minds together.

In order to increase the number of students studying in Pakistan, The US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Scholarship program is granting scholarships for graduate studies. Students from any country can apply and if selected, will be able to study in an accredited university in Pakistan. In addition to financial support, they will also receive mentorship from a Pakistani professor which could help them become more competitive on the job market. This scholarship program has been designed with the goal of increasing cultural understanding between the two countries while providing a range of opportunities for talented students.

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Blog post intro paragraph:  US-Pak knowledge corridor scholarships are available for international applicants who wish to pursue their Masters or PhD’s degree at one of prestigious universities in Pakistan such as LUMS or IBA.

Academic merit:

Academic excellence based on the HEC-AEF calculator will be applicable. As a student, you must meet these criteria in order to apply for academic scholarships and other college programs . Along with being academically successful throughout your entire career , there are additional requirements including no 3rd Division or grade D ever (.5 minimum), as well fifty percent of marks at each level studied up until high school graduation

The US-Pak Knowledge Corridor Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship that can help you study in the United States. The application process will be announced at a later time, but we encourage allthose interested to apply because it could make their life much easier!

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