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Linda Evangelista has revealed the damage she’s suffered thanks to a failed cosmetic procedure in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. Evangelista was left severely scarred and disfigured after the 2009 procedure. According to Evangelista, the experience was emotionally damaging, and she had to deal with “a lot of hate” from people who have seen her before and after the procedure.

The supermodel Linda Evangelista appeared on Vogue covers and runways at the height of her career. Her new cover discusses how she underwent a cosmetic procedure that left her feeling deflated.

Despite loving the catwalk, the 56-year-old says she dreads running into someone she knows. “I cannot live in hiding and shame anymore.” she says.

CoolSculpting ads positioned the fat-freezing procedure as just another tool for enhancing her looks, according to Evangelista. Dieting and exercise didn’t work for her stubborn fat, so she tried CoolSculpting.

She described herself as their customer and as someone who spoke to herself. Her understanding of CoolSculpting was that it was not for obese people, but for people who wanted to change their body shape. The woman also sA woman added that she noticed that her body had changed over the years and that it didn’t look like it did when she was younger, so CoolSculpting appealed to her because it wasn’t a radical treatment.

In 2015 and 2016, Evangelista underwent seven treatments targeting trouble spots, including her chin and jawline, “bra flab”, tummy, love handles, and inner thighs. She was part of the small group of people who were adversely affected by the treatments.

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In a 2014 publication published by the National Institutes of Health, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia was described as a rare but previously unknown side effect of cryolipolysis. Rather than dying away, fat cells enlarge, resulting in hard protrusions on the body.

PAH is often a problem for liposuction because it makes the procedure impossible. PAH is often a problem for liposuction because it makes the procedure impossible. It’s often impossible for liposuction to take place with PAH. Evangelista attempted that twice, unsuccessfully. The third surgery was not an option for her.

Protrusions are bulges. Bulges are hard. Whenever I wear a dress without a girdle, I chafe so badly I almost bleed. “It’s not soft fat rubbing, it’s hard fat rubbing,” the supermodel said.Last September, her attorney filed a lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc. in the U.S. Southern District Court for the Eastern Division.

Evangelista told People that she doesn’t feel like herself anymore, crying. “I’m not the same person. She’s gone. My spirit has been broken.”

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