Qatar University Scholarships 2022 | Application Process

Applications are now being accepted for the Qatar University Scholarship for Spring 2022. Scholarships are currently being awarded to Qatar University students for the year 2022. The awards will be given to students who have achieved excellent academic results and have shown promise for success in the future. The scholarships are worth a total of QR 54,000 and will be distributed based on the needs of the students. Students holding a bachelor’s degree will be eligible for the scholarships.

Qatar University Scholarships 2022

Qatar University Scholarships 2022

Qatar University has recently begun offering a number of scholarships to exceptional students in an effort to improve the university’s exposure to those students. Scholarly awards are determined by both the level of academic achievement and the quality of the applicant.

For the academic year 2022-2023, Qatar University Scholarships are available for international students. Scholars are provided with tuition payments, university accommodation, and exemptions from textbook fees and round-trip air tickets.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, Qatar University Scholarships are available to international students. Scholars are provided with tuition payments, university accommodations, and exemptions from annual round-trip air tickets and textbook fees. Scholarship holder Each Scholar receives QR50,000 per month as a stipend.

Qatar university’s acceptance rate is 46 percent.


International students at Qatar University are accepted at a rate of 46 percent. Due to Qatar’s high-quality education system and competitive admissions process, there is a high acceptance rate. Additionally, Qatar provides free housing for international students as well as tuition breaks and a living allowance. A candidate who applies directly to Qatar University will have access to this facility. Qatar University’s official website can be found at

Qatar University Admission 2015-16 Process:

Undergraduate admissions at Qatar University begin in May of the academic year preceding and end in June of that academic year.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate
  • Institution(s): Qatar University
  • Study in: UAE
  • Deadline: Click here to check the deadlines.

Courses Offered: Introduction: Qatar University has announced that it will be awarding scholarships in 2022 to students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement.

  • Faculty of Business & Economics:
  • Management and marketing.
  • Finance and economics.
  • Accounting and information system.
  • Center for entrepreneurship.
  • Faculty of Education:
  • Educational science.
  • Psychological science.
  • Faculty of arts and sciences:
  • Arabic language.
  • Biological and Environmental science.
  • Chemistry and earth science.
  • English literature and linguistics .
  • Humanities.
  • International affairs.
  • Mass communication.
  • Materials science and technology.
  • Mathematics , statistics and physics .
  • Social science.
  • sports sciences program.
  • Faculty of Engineering:
  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil & Architectural Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.
  • Faculty of Health Sciences:
  • Biomedical sciences.
  • Human nutrition.
  • Public health.
  • Faculty of law:
  • Private Law.
  • Public law.
  • Legal skills.
  • Faculty of Medicine.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies.

Scholarship Coverage

Qatar University Scholarships provides the recipients below benefits:

External Scholarships:

  • These scholarships include exemption from course tuition fees, university accommodation, and free round-trip airfare and textbooks.

Internal scholarships:

  • Fees for tuition and books are only waived under this scholarship.

Scholarships for Academic Excellence awarded by H.H. the Emir of Qatar:

  • Fees for tuition and books are waived under these Scholarships.

An Outstanding Performance Scholarship is awarded to:

  • Only tuition fees are exempt from these Scholarships.
  • Qatar University Scholarships require the following qualifications:
    • Required Languages: English.
    • Eligible Countries: All World countries

    Internal scholarships:

    • Colleges and majors have their own requirements for admission. For newly accepted applicants, a final, official high school transcript must be submitted as well.
    • Scholarship recipients must accept the scholarship during the same semester they were awarded it (mainly, registering for and passing classes) or else the scholarship will be canceled in that term and the student informed via QU email.

    External Scholarships:

    • Colleges and majors have different admission requirements. Applicants must meet these requirements. Newly admitted applicants must also submit their final, official high school transcript.
    • Applicants must take advantage of the scholarship in the semester in which it is granted (mainly by registering and passing classes), otherwise, it will be cancelled in that semester and the student will be notified via email.

    Scholarships for Academic Excellence awarded by His Highness the Emir of Qatar:

    1. Be a Qatari Secondary School graduate.
    2. Score at least 95% on your secondary school certificate.
    3. A secondary school graduate should apply for the scholarship in the same year the application is made.
    4. Scholarships are awarded only during the Fall semester.
    5. In order to keep the scholarship, the student must benefit from it during the first semester of the year in which the scholarship is awarded (mainly by enrolling and passing classes) or else it will be canceled. The student will be notified by email.

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