Top 10 Of Best Universities For Psychology In Canada For Canadian And International Students In 2022 !

Are you looking for universities offering great programs in psychology? If yes, then you should check out these top schools for psychology in Canada.

Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. This field has a wide range of applications in areas such as health care, law enforcement, business management, education, and social policy.

Additionally, you will find the following information at each of these universities:

  • University.
  • Rank in Canada.
  • The region.
  • Teaching languages.
  • The tuition fees.
  • And finally, a link to the official website.

Top universities for psychology in Canada

This part of the website lists the top 10 psychology schools in Canada:

Here is a list of top Canada universities ranked.

1. Faculty of Psychology of British Columbia

Faculty of Psychology of British Colombia University (Faculty of Psychology BCU) is an academic unit that offers undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology at the university level in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • University : University Of British Columbia
  • Region : British Columbia
  • Rank in Canada : 1
  • Teaching languages : English
  • Tuition fees : Up to 21.000$ CAD.

2. Faculty of Psychology Of Toronto

The faculty of psychology at the University of Toronto offers undergraduate programs in psychology, health psychology, organizational behavior, and social psychology; graduate programs in clinical psychology, experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, evolutionary psychology, personality psychology, and social psychology; and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology, experimental/clinical psychology, health psychology, and organizational behavior.

  • University : McGill University
  • Region : Quebec
  • Rank in Canada : 3
  • Teaching languages : English, French
  • Tuition fees : Up to 23.000$ CAD.
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4. College of of Psychology Alberta

We offer programs in psychology at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Our graduate program offers two masters degrees (Master of Arts and Master of Science) and one doctoral degree (Doctor of Philosophy). Our undergraduate program offers three bachelor degrees (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Bachelor of Social Work). All our programs are accredited by the Canadian Association for Accreditation in Counseling and Psychotherapy (CACPT), and many of them are also accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA).

5. Faculty of Psychology of Waterloo

We are located at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Our faculty consists of 18 departments and over 100 research groups. We offer undergraduate degrees in psychology, postgraduate degrees in clinical/cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, forensic psychology, neuropsychology, human factors engineering, industrial/organizational psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, personality psychology, and many others.

  • University : University of Waterloo
  • Region : Ontario
  • Rank in Canada : 6
  • Teaching languages : English
  • Tuition fees : Up to 20.000$ CAD.

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